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The official website for the historic village of Hale

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Hale Village

The Home Of John Middleton

The Childe Of Hale

  • Improved awareness of Hale Village its' retailers, businesses, facilities, community groups and events.

  • Increase footfall into Hale Village, from the surrounding cities, towns and villages.

  • Develop a communal 'cross marketing' attitude amongst groups, retailers and businesses to combat decline, increase footfall, profitability and village pride.

  • Promoting village history with a view to improving awareness of our heritage, increasing visitor interest, footfall and hopefully residents pride

  • Generate a 'one-stop' reference for visitors, residents and people interested in attending events and activities.




We have website - Site Engine Optimisation; so far you'll find in the top 5 in Google on most Hale Village related searches.  This kind of success rewards any advertiser and community group who's on the site.


We are listed/linked to, on several local busienesses websites, along with a regular name check, in the Hale Village Community News section in the local newspaper-the Widnes Weekly News.


We also on occasions, display advertisements in local shop windows and local village publications, to promote


By providing upto date information of what's on's, village news and event's, the best form of website promotion is "word of mouth"!?

What we are doing differently is to present a more complete picture of the village by encompassing everything from personal interests to history, dining, entertainment, hobbies, groups, sports, retail,, information and as much valuable/interesting information as possible.


This site is regularly maintained and includes weekly updates.

This website portal is privately owned, it is run as a hobby/gift to the village

and is independent of any village organisations/voluntary groups and committee's.


We are the official-approved website for the historic village of Hale.


Current website traffic, or hits, is now averaging at 400 individual hits per calendar day.


Our website address/url is:




                                    is the official website, guide and online presence

                                             for the historic village of Hale, designed to help you find out about the

                                             village and make the most from your day out here if you plan to visit the

                                             village in the future.


                                              At you can explore what exciting things there are

                                              to do and discover, along with a comprehensive database of village

                                              events, village groups and news items.


                                             Find the locations of some of our most historic buildings, from the Childe

                                             Of Hale's Cottage, Hale Manor House and Hale Lighthouse on the banks

                                             of the River Mersey, plus informative pages about village heritage,

                                             tradition and agriculture.


We also have numerous image galleries, containing old and new images of the village, along with a number of video items hi-lighting agriculture, village events and village locations.  We even have a video of the Queen, when she visited the village,, in 1968!


If it’s village history, or your looking for a distant relative-who once lived in Hale, then we have a page on the site dedicated to our local village historians, who may be able to help you with your search for information. From the complex history of Hale Hall, to the simplest enquirey, the historians







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