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The official website for the historic village of Hale

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Hale Village

The Home Of John Middleton

The Childe Of Hale


Historic Locations

The Childe Of Hale's Cottage is located on Church Road, in the centre of the village opposite the original village green.  This is the home of John Middleton, otherwise known as the Childe Of Hale, but by no means a child, legend has it he was 9 foot 3 inches-so big in fact he had to sleep with his two feet hanging out of the two side windows-nearest the road-Church Road.










St Mary's Church is located on Church Road and is dated back to 1081 from the original building on the site.  The churchyard it self holds many interesting reference, such as the Childe Of Hale's grave, the family grave of the Ireland Blackburnes and several pointers such as carved/engraved sandstone in the churchyard walls as to when and whom the churchyard was enlarged.










Hale Manor House is located on Church Road and is dated to the 17th century.  From the green infront of the manor, looking left you can see St Mary's Church, looking right, you can see the Childe Of Hale's Cottage, both buildings no more than 100 meters from Hale Manor House.












Hale War Memorial is sited in the centre of the village, adjacent the entrance of the old Hale Hall estate gates to the parkland.  The memorial was built and erected in the centre of the village on a small piece of waste ground in 1920 to remember the dead of the village, of the great war, it was paid for by Mr's Ireland Blackburne of Hale Hall.












Hale Lighthouse is situated on the shoreline of the famouse "River Mersey", slightly south of the village and at the end of what is locally known as "The Lighthouse Lane", which is at the end of Church Road.










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