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Permissive Footpaths

                                              Reference is made on this site, to, "Permissive Footpaths", located outside the boundry of Hale park!  

                                              The area of woodland outside of Hale Park is owned by Hale Estates, where upon, such permissive

                                              paths exist and  are sign posted..


                                              The location of such "Permissive Footpaths" are:









It is possible for landowners to allow access over their land without dedicating a right of way. These accesses are called permissive paths. To the user they are often indistinguishable from normal highways, but there are some important differences.


  • A permissive path must have some sign or similar indication that it is not intended to be a right of way.

  • The landowner can close off or divert the path if they wish to do so, without any legal process being involved.

  • The landowner can make restrictions which would not normally apply to highways, for example to allow horse riding but not cycling, or the other way around.


Permissive paths are commonly found on land owned by a body which allows public access, such as a local authority, a Railway Authority, or the National Trust.


For further information regarding the Permissive Footpaths on Hale Estates Land, please contact Smiths Gore




  • On privately owned estate woodland (outside of Hale Park boundry), where Hale Hall use to stand.

  • Starting at the end of the driveway in Hale Park, as you enter the private gravel track to Hale

  • Hall Gardens and Orchard Dell Cottage, ending at the shoreline/River Mersey/Ice House Woodland.

  • A Short gravel track leading from the end of the driveway in Hale Park leading to the small playing field used for football.

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