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The official website for the historic village of Hale

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Hale Village

The Home Of John Middleton

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The Village Hall Coffee Shop is open 3 days a week and is located in Hale Village Hall, on the High Street - in the center of the village'

The Village Hall Coffee Shop, is staffed completely by volunteers and is open on a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, between the hours of 10.30am and 12.00 noon

You can find a varierty of refreshments, from tea, coffee, juices and home made cakes and scones.   Everything is home made, from scones to the delicious cakes.

The Village Hall Coffee Shop, was first established to raise funds for St Mary's Church, after it was burnt down in 1977.  Now, the coffee shop raises funds -

for children in 3rd world countries as well as continuing to donate to the Church.


The Village Coffee Shop