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The official website for the historic village of Hale

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Hale Village

The Home Of John Middleton

The Childe Of Hale


Hale village is located 3 miles from Widnes in Cheshire and 1 mile from Liverpool -

John Lennon Airport on the north bank of the River Mersey. Although Hale is served

by Halton Borough Council, it has a Liverpool post code of L24.


In spite of being close to the City of Liverpool, the village’s tranquil and quiet

atmosphere still survives today. The many whitewashed cottages, with country

gardens, set against a background of mature trees, present an attractive picture in

the spring and summer.


The visitor will quickly appreciate why Hale Village has several times won ‘Best -

Kept Village’ awards in the late 1960's and more recently several "Community Pride"

and "Little Gem Awards" for several locations in the village.  Situated on Grade One

agricultural land, Hale Village is surrounded by several farms and rolling countryside.


Since the late 1960's-1980's and more recently, over 6 modern-day housing developments have been built on farmland and other sites in and around the main center of the then, old village-which since, have increased the population of the village from around 100 to nearly 2000 residents.

The new modern-day developments incude:

  • The Curlender-Hale Park Estate-Vicarge Close

  • The Wimpy Estate/Part Cocklaid Lane

  • Holly Close-Poco Houses/Part Cocklaid Lane

  • Pheasant Field Estate

  • Ellwood Close Development

  • Church End Muse

Other new developments during the same period include a new village school called, Hale C of E Primary and village shopping precinct called Ivy Farm Court.  A Police House was built to accomodate a village Police Man/Bobby.  During the 1980's this house was reverted to a normall private dwelling.


                                                             Hale Village is home to reputedly the tallest man in Britain, John Middleton, the Childe of Hale

                                                             who, it is alleged was 9ft 3” tall. His  grave is located in St - Marys Church graveyard and his

                                                             cottage still stands today on Church Road.


                                                              Hale Village is steeped in history as can be seen from some of the information on this

                                                              website.  Although progress and modern times have crept in, the village still holds on to it’s

                                                              past heritage, such as the elections of a Parish Council, Lord Mayor and Freemen.


The village is also home to one of only three remaining duck decoys in the UK and also Pickerings Pasture, an award winning Green Flag Local Nature Reserve with magnificent views of the River Mersey estuary and the Welsh mountains to the west.


In 2008 the village park was modernised with new pathways, playground, benches and car park.   The park now sports a greenflag award, it is also the home to one of the country's few Village Fete's.   The parkland was once the open roaming estate

of Hale Hall




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