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The official website for the historic village of Hale

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Hale Village

The Home Of John Middleton

The Childe Of Hale


                                                                                      When the Fleetwood-Hesketh familly moved to Hale Village in 1947, Hale Hall

                                                                                      was almost beyond repair and so they took up residence in the old Parsonage

                                                                                      Housewhich is nowadays known as The Manor House.  


                                                                                      This Building overlooks one of the village greens and although the manor is

                                                                                      much smaller than Hale Hall was it has a almost imposing grandure as the  

Hall once did have.


                                                                                      The manor was much smaller than what you see today, as around the 18th

                                                                                      century a west faced was added by the Rev. William Langford, his coat of

                                                                                      arms and monogram are over the front enterence.



The imposing front hides two gables of which the south is the smallest and may be 17th century.  

This part of the manor house is originally three stories high, an arrangment still in excistance at the

back, but which has been altered at the front and is now two stories of higher rooms.  

The north gable end is lager and of a later date than the south and is only  two stories high.


Hale Manor House is located on Church road.  From the green in front of the manor, looking left you

can see St Mary`s Church, looking right, you can see the Childe Of Hales Cottage, both buildings no

more than 100 meters from Hale Manor House.


It was also the location infront of the Manor, on the

manor green, of where Queen Elizibeth II arrived in

the village for a brief visit.

The area was bustling with villagers, waiting for

the Her Majesty the Queen to arrive.


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The Manor House

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