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The official website for the historic village of Hale

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Hale Village

The Home Of John Middleton

The Childe Of Hale


The walking and/or cycling routes we have highlighted, include various historic locations

and official footpaths/sidewalks, and do not cross private land or use permissive -

footpaths through Woodland owned by Hale Park Estates.


All our routes include local land marks, such as Hale Church, Hale War Memorial,

Hale Lighthouse, The Childe Of Hale's Cottage, Manor House and other heritage locations

of interest.


For further information on historic locations and other places of interest in and around the

center on the village, visit our main website: Visit Hale Village, and navigate to the

"Historic Locations" Page:


For information and insight to where "Permissive Footpaths" and private land is located, visit Hale Village Online, and navigate to the pages indicated as "Permissive Footpaths" and "Hale Hall Illustration"


We do not condone trespass on private property, private land/farm fields and private footpaths....


Please enjoy your time in and around our village - our heritage and countryside, and above all please respect Hale Village by not dropping litter and always pick up your dogs feces...





Hale Village Circular #1



Hale Village Circular #2



Withins Way - Hale Shore - Church Road



Hale Village Park


Walking - Cycling Routes In And Around Hale Village


Around Hale Village