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The Official Website For The Township Of Hale

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The official website for the historic village of Hale

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Hale Village

The Home Of John Middleton

The Childe Of Hale


To prevent confusion of who owns the website,,, the website is privately owned and maintained by a long serving village family.   

No village organisations, or groups,  in the past or now (2005-2013), have neither funded, administered or maintained the websites or domains:  www' or


You must seek written permission from us,  if you wish to use the site in any publicity material, or link to us on your website.




This website-portal for Hale Village is credited directly, with having a family presence in Hale Village (also Hale Bank and Halewood), since the late 1920’s if not earlier. This long standing family presence is reflected in the branding of the website, which shows and indicates to the site visitor, indepth heritage items about the village, from Hale Hall to local agriculture.


Due to our long serving family presence in the village, we have the support and trust of local landowners, villagers and historical property owners, to access, view and photograph their land and property.


The website is read near and far, we have had emails from all over the world from villagers who have left Hale for other countries, such as Austrailia, America, and France


The website first went online at the end of 2005, it has developed over the last few years as the main online presence for the village and, is a not for profit venture - gift to the village.

In September 2010 we rebrand the village website from Hale Village Online to Visit Hale Village.


On behalf of the, Stephens, MaGee's, Lyon's and Hughes's..

Website Ownership

Long Serving Family Presence

© 2005-2013